Officers Eat Last

Officers Eat Last

I have been a Simon Sinek fan for awhile, ever since his TED Talk (which I blogged about HERE.) And today during lunch, like I do everyday that I don’t have a lunch meeting, I had a Learning Lunch. I usually go to the TED Talks channel, but this time, YouTube suggested another Simon Sinek talk first.

If you only have three minutes, watch the first three minutes when he discusses his purpose in life. But if you want to hear leadership explained in a way that will be immediately implementable in your life, take the 21 minutes to watch the whole thing.

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Born with the gift of gab, raised with an overdeveloped self esteem, Andy Ellwood has built a career around both the art and the science of hustle. He’s currently pushing the envelope and bringing his brand of hustle to Waze, the social GPS company making the lives of 33,000,000 drivers better everyday.

A native of Dallas, TX, he attended Texas A&M and received his degree in Corporate Finance. After achieving national recognition for his work at Northwestern Mutual, Andy spent a number of years in luxury travel sales and excelled as Vice President of Sales for Marquis Jet. Most recently, Andy led Business Development for Gowalla which was acquired by Facebook in December of 2011.

Andy lives in New York and thrives on the city that doesn’t sleep. A sought after speaker and a weekly Forbes contributor on The Art and Science of Hustle, you can also keep track of his adventures on and on Twitter @andyellwood. Even though he doesn’t slow down much, when he does he enjoys black coffee, sporting a pocket square, seeking out breakfast tacos, and doting on his girlfriend Annie.


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