Betcha Didn’t Know

Betcha Didn’t Know

Brian Kolb isn’t just a marketing maverick that grabs the rules by the throat, looks them in the eye, and tells them how it’s gonna be.  While sales success is a primary driver in his professional life, there are many other facets to him that constitute this man, both professionally and personally.  Sure,  he takes a genuine interest in the goals (professional and personal) of his sales team; anyone who has spent more than 10 seconds with him knows that he isn’t about giving you a hunk of (solid waste matter) and tell you it’s a slice of chocolate cake.   He isn’t just that rarest of breeds, one who practices what he preaches and says what he means.  Besides having a love of all things sales and marketing, Brian also has a diverse appreciation of the finer things as well as the simple pleasures in life.

Did you know:

1.  He is a big Texas country music fan and supporter.  Minnesota Hardcore Funk Polka runs a close second.

2.  Mentoring meetings begin as early as 5:30 am, right after he’s caught up on “General Hospital.”

3.  In another life he was a NASCAR driver.  In this life, the cops don’t buy that excuse.

4.  When he retires, he would like to learn to fly a small 2-4 seat plane.  For now, he’s content to watch Top Gun & call his friends Goose.

5.  His wife Jessica makes the best biscotti.  No joke!

6.  Brian is a foodie but his number one request after returning from a business trip?  His wife’s spaghetti.

7.  Do you have the time?  Brian does.  His watch collection is rivaled only by, um, some other guy with a lot of watches.

8.  He beats the crap out of his grill.  And ties his own shoelaces.

9.  He collects vinyl.  Sorry, but his days as DJ Salezpitch are over but he still loves to spin the wax for his personal pleasure.

10.  He slobbers on the harmonica.  You may recall the harmonica riffs from Led Zeppelin’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine.  That’s not him, but it’s some ass kickin’ harmonica.

There you have it.  Ten things you probably didn’t know about Brian.  Be sure to look out for the movie adaptation of this list as well as the forthcoming theme park, shoe line, and children’s cartoon.



Some of my colleagues at Wright’s Media  and Wright’s Printing and Marketing have challenged me to share more of my experience and my stories more often.  I put this back on them and asked them to come up with 10 things you may not know about me.  They agreed so long as I didn’t adjust or modify their comments.  This is what I get for opening my alligator mouth!


The featured image is The Damn Quails playing at Gruene Hall.




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