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It’s been a great time at FOLIO.  I’ve met many nice people, shared tons of great stories and helpful tips, and made some new friends— not a bad way to spend three days in New York City.  But as the cliché goes, all good things must come to an end.  All things, that is, except the possibilities that exist for monetizing your brand.

To recap:

Content licensing allows you to monetize your content beyond its original intended purpose and to expose it to more potential customers.

Use your coveted awards to help others promote their brand and to add revenue and exposure to yours.

Use previously created content on paper and in cyberspace to enhance your brand’s earning potential and its reach.

Your audience wants to hear from you, and social media gives you the platform to get to know them better.

By using these easy and low-cost approaches, you can further expose your brand to revenue enhancement and reach out to customers all over the Earth.  With the internet, well-made content, and interesting/appealing stories, your brand’s potential is unlimited.

Hope you’re ready and well equipped to #BetYourAssets.

Ah, you made it back.  Excellent!  Pull up a chair and get comfy.  In today’s post, we’ll examine two more easy ways to not only promote your business but add revenue as well.


Hours, days, weeks, years— you worked hard to achieve success with your business, and now it’s time to visually show it off.  By utilizing reprints, you are able to give your audience a portable and visually appealing representation of your efforts.   Your brand should be heard AND seen.

A digital presence in today’s business climate is optional just as having blood in your body is nonobligatory.  (In other words: If you don’t have a way for your audience to contact you in the virtual world, they probably won’t get in touch with you in the real world.) With ePrints, your company’s digital reputation gets to sit at the cool kids’ table.  Highlight achievements, incorporate videos/podcasts/links, and effects like “turnable” pages, scrolling banners, flash effects, and sound effects.

Social Media

That wall that used to separate consumer from company?  It’s been blown up and the debris has been thrown away, never to be seen again.  With social media, your audience should not only have your ear, they should have your attention also.  The new way of doing business is enticing the customer to come to you by providing them with content that appeals to them.  With social media, words really are cheap but they can prove to be very rewarding to your bottom line.  Start talking with the following, just to name a few:

  • Blog(s)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Podcasts


By repurposing your previously made content with reprints, sprucing up your content with ePrints, and reaching out to your audience via social media, your business can increase revenue easily and effectively.




The basic goal of any business is to make money.  Your goal when you started your company and put all that work into your brand was to increase your bank account’s balance.

In the first of two posts devoted to four easy, no-cost ways to generate revenue, we’ll look at how content licensing and awards programs can make you a happy business owner every time you look at your checking account.

Content Licensing

How does growing your market share in an environment where the revenue growth potential is unlimited and your product/service is protected sound?  Say hello to content licensing, your business’ new BFF.

Imagine if a world-renowned company like Disney had decided to limit its reach and exposure to family-oriented movies and cartoons.  Hard to do, isn’t it, since Disney has their brand plastered on everything from shirts to bikes and all points (and products) in between.  Having Disney associated with your business is a pretty big deal.

Content licensing gives you the power to increase your presence, increase your revenue, and decrease your risk.  How?  You negotiate the rights for others to use what you’ve created for their benefit and yours.  Your brand will thank you for it.

Content licensing allows to acquire additional revenue by using your brand with:

  • POP displays
  • Product packaging
  • Direct marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Radio and television advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Internet advertising


Awards Programs

How can you give away a prize and still be a winner?  By utilizing your awards program for further monetizing of your brand.  Your awards have earned their reputation as looking good on a resume, so why not use it to increase revenue?  Selling your awards programs to others for their promotional purposes makes all parties involved winners.

By selling the rights to use your awards programs to businesses that can use them to call attention to their brand(s), you can generate revenue AND generate more recognition for your brand with items such as:

  • Plaques
  • Posters
  • Magazine excerpts

Adding revenue doesn’t have to be rocket science.  By using a few easy-to-implement strategies, you can increase your profits and protect your brand at the same time.  Come back tomorrow for two more ways to add to your bottom line that you (yes, YOU) can do NOW to make more money.


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The other day I found myself needing a new pair of shoes, so I walked into my favorite shoe store, picked out a pair of shoes I liked, tried them on, took them to the checkout counter, plunked down my money, and walked out without my shoes.

Does that story make me sound like I know how to successfully complete a transaction?  No, of course not.  So why do some companies do the same thing with their brand, in essence, by not finding new revenue streams for it?  Unless your assets are being monetized, you’re buying nothing for something.  But fear not!  It’s not too late to change course and set sail on Revenue River.

Content licensing allows you to monetize your content while increasing your market presence and protecting your content.  It’s like getting paid to have a security system in your house that has pleasant conversations with passers by.

Your awards programs carry weight, and it’s time you started throwing it around and making money from it.  They win the prize, you win the additional revenue when they use your award to promote their brand.  Everyone wins.

Reprints/ePrints enhance your presence, both on paper and in cyberspace.  Use them for all manner of things to convey your message and your successes to grab your audience’s attention.

Without a presence in social media, you’re a Model-T in a sea of high-performance sports cars.  Marketing has changed from “Here’s what I have, buy it” to “Hey, I have this product but let’s talk about you and what your needs are.”  The barrier between consumer and company has been demolished, and that’s the best news in a long time for your revenue goals.

Over the next few days, I’ll go more in depth with these sure-fire ways to increase your revenue.  Stay tuned, and put on your life vest.


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