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So what do the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints have in common?

The funny thing about blogging is that 99.9% of the time, I know more or less exactly what I am going to say when I sit down to type. Oh sure, I don’t have the precise meter and syntax worked out, but I know my message and how I’m going to deliver it to you. This time, not so much.

Until last week, when this struck me – it’s October!

For 2015, we are in the 4th quarter of whatever race you are running, whatever game you are playing, whatever life you are living. So I asked myself a question. I’ve got three more months to make my indelible mark on this year – what am I going to do? I could…

Go on a cruise. After nine months of toil, there is nothing like kicking back with a tropical punch and a good book while drunken tourists split their pants attempting limbo for the first time. Seriously. There is a time to work and a time to recharge, and standing on the prow of a one thousand foot long floating city of steel with the wind in your hair, toothpick jutting jauntily from the corner of your mouth, and a seething cauldron of E. coli just beneath your feet, you can’t help but do your best Leo DiCaprio.

On the other hand, why not…

Engage the autopilot. Look, let’s say you’ve killed it all year to this point, and if you continued to slay everything in sight it would actually look bad. Your comps for 2016 would be tougher, and your less talented, less fortunate, less endowed co-workers would be resentful. This dynamic would quickly spin into a maelstrom of corporate crankiness that would sap the spirits of everyone, including the good workers. You’re taking one for the team so the team can remain a cohesive whole, and this is very unselfish of you. In the eloquent words of 21st century poet and board aficionado Lupe Fiasco, “Kick, push, kick, push, coast.”

I know you’re just waiting for the punch line to all this, so here it comes.

It’s the 4th quarter of the game we call life, and I’ve made my plans. I know who I’ll be calling, what I’ll be studying, where I’ll be traveling, and who I’ll be visiting. I know who I want to do business with, who I’d like to meet, whose brains I’d like to pick, and who I plan to avoid like the plague. And you know why? It’s like the day after Thanksgiving and no one is in the office. Don’t you think that’s a great time to get things done? Yep. The whole 4th quarter is like that – some folks check out, but that makes it easier for the rest of us.

But Brian, what about all that talk about recharging? Me, I’ll do a reverse vampire and recharge at night like God intended. But I encourage everyone else to take it easy. After all, what can you get done at the very end of the game?

Almost forgot! I owe you an explanation about the five NFL teams I mentioned about 550 words ago. Every one of those teams scored enough points in the 4th quarter of last week’s games to either win or push the game into overtime. And the three teams that went into overtime all won. Momentum, my friends.

Always finish strong. Who’s the boss, dammit?