Brand Ambassador * Concept Architect * Profit Engineer


As Chief Operating Officer, Brian spearheads the sales, licensing, production, and research at Wright’s Media with the pounce of a lion and the determination of a cornered dog.

Simply put, it is Brian’s job to elevate the value of your brands. He takes great care (and pleasure) in the success of his work.

Need results? Brian gets results.

A Southern Illinois alumnus, Brian returned to Texas to pursue his professional career, joining our team in 2005. Brian’s impact on Wright’s has rocked the Richter scale on several occasions, transforming the company into the industry leader it is today. He is generous with his expertise and insights, sharing them daily in numerous forums such as sales meetings, through blogging, and by writing articles for publication by FOLIO, BtoB Magazine, Publishing Executive, Digiday, and LinkedIn, among others. Brian lives in Katy, Texas with his family .

Brian is a member of the Society of International Business Fellows., and serves on a number of corporate boards including Archway Academy and the Sweet Heat Jam Company.

Wright’s Media is a content licensing company that works with over 1,000 publishers such as Mashable, Good Housekeeping, Vogue, Men’s Health and many more. Wright’s Media partners with brands to leverage their content and boost their brand equity through carefully crafted marketing strategies and platforms. We take little things and make them a big deal. We were in the Content Marketing business way before Content Marketing was cool.

Content…’s what we do.

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